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Lua natal do dia: Leão

MOON IN LEO: This combination makes the individual angry and hot-tempered, his chin thick, his face broad, his eyes yellow and his offspring very few. He is a hater of women, likes to eat meat, and reside in mountains and forests. And whenever any things are done unbecoming*, he gets irritated for a long time. He has trouble with hunger and thirst, his teeth get troubled and he is also involved in some mental trouble or other. But he is unselfish and charitable, is very high-minded, his intellect is calm and steady and his prowess is great. He is very obedient and respectful to his mother. Essa combinação faz o indivíduo irascível, de temperamento quente, seu queixo fino, sua face larga, seus olhos amarelos e com poucos filhos. Ele odeia mulheres, gosta de comer carne, e reside em montanhas e florestas. Fica por muito tempo irritadodevido a coisas feitas fora dos seus padrões sociais. Ele tem problemas com fome e sede, com seus dentes também, e ele é envolvido em algum problema menta…